Prices decided at the annual meeting at IF Fløya Fløyahallen 28th of February 2012

The following fees are for members of IF Fløya and is valid per calendar year

Type of fee
Boys and girls 10 years and younger

kr. 500,-
kr. 1.600,-
Boys and girls 11-12 years old

kr. 500,-
kr. 2.050,-
Boys and Girls 13-14 years old

kr. 500,-
kr. 2.300,-
Boys and Girls 15-16 years old

kr. 500,-
kr. 2.600,-
Boys and Girls 17 years and older

kr. 500,-
kr. 3.200,-
Player license/insurance senior
kr. 1.000,-

Player license/insurance recruit
kr. 1.000,-

Kr. 500,-
Kr. 1.100,-
Kr. 250,-

Siblingdeduction from child nr.2* kr. 1.000,-

*Siblingdeduction is refunded by sending an application to IF Fløya at email:

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